Silva vs Weidman The Untold Story “Ethanol Badge”

Steven Rothman The Fighting News Reporter

The untold story! After the shock and realization Silva had a Joe Theismann like moment, did everyone notice the American Ethanol badge on Chris Weidman’s shorts/shirt? If you are also a NASCAR fan, you likely also saw a similar badge around all the gas tank caps on all their racecars. If fact, I have never seen a badge on every NASCAR, until American Ethanol that is! What does this all mean? Finally the Ethanol Industry is starting to fight back for the American consumer, just like Weidman fights for the average Joe. Assuming the US Government does not screw up the Ethanol Industry and continue to play favorites with the Oil Industry, Ethanol offers a low cost alternative higher quality fuel for American Consumers. Ethanol is clearly the superior fuel – I recently read an article about how formula 1 race cars now use 100% ethanol, alcohol funny cars (100% – obvious), and as we all know, NASCAR just went to 15% ethanol. If fact, Brazil has been at 25% and they have all the same cars we drive here in the United States. Considering these professional race teams have millions invested in their engines, I think it is safe to say they are not using ethanol just to make a political statement! It is also less expensive than gasoline (about $.70 to $.90 cents per gallon for most of 2013), is proven to be much better for the environment, is not poisonous like gasoline (which the fumes alone are causing autism, lung cancer, etc…), and is much higher in octane (one gallon of Ethanol is 113 Octane – that’s not a typo, so I’d call that super super super premium). I also don’t recall any ethanol spill ever killing millions of fish and wildlife after an offshore spill. Best of all, no USA kids ever went off to war in the Middle East over ethanol! Let’s continue to do our fighting in a UFC cage!!! Looking forward to see some of the other American Ethanol fighters! By Steven Rothman

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