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Ft. Lauderdale, FL: It was a busy night at the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, as Fight Time Promotions put on yet another 10-fight professional mixed martial arts event. After what was an extremely slow start, followed by several hiccups (i.e. the power went out during one of the fights and it took at least 6-7 mins to turn them back on), the event began to pick up in the later fights. Here are some round-by-round notes taken during the fights:

Fight 1: Frierson v. Delgado

Round 1: Nothing to report

Round 2: Frierson begins to dominate

F takes down D & goes to work from above

Delgado doesn’t know how to defend

Alfonso Frierson wins by TKO @ 1:00
Fight 2: Marquez v. Taylor

Round 1: back & forth action

T dominating early

M dominating midway

Break in action due to cut on M

M gave up near end of round for no reason 

It looked like a possible shoulder injury

Travis Taylor wins by TKO @ 4:40
Fight 3: Palatnikov v. Verdier

Round 1: Activity by both fighters

P won round with kicks & aggression

Break in action when V lost mouthpiece

Another when V was hit low

Round 2: V lost his mouthpiece again

V began landing clean punches

V took down P & landed from above

Nothing on punches but fight was stopped 

Emmanuel Verdier wins by TKO @ 4:40
Fight 4: Colquhoun v. Moncaio

Round 1: C with an immediate takedown

M then followed up with his own takedown

M found room & began punching down

M rolled C over & choked him out

Moncaio wins by rear naked choke @ 2:02

M is now 2-2 overall
Fight 5: Lilly v. Jackson (lightweights: 155)

Round 1: simultaneous takedown

J dominated L majority of round

L took advantage of ground & pinned J

J got out & threw a couple of punches

L pinned J again at end of round

J seemed to be saved by bell

Round 2: J took L down quickly

L got out & up and landed kicks

L put J in a headlock midway through

L pinned J against cage late in round

J seemed to be saved by bell again

Round 3: L took down J

L showed his dominance the whole round 

Most boring round of the three

My score: 30-27 Lilly 

Judges: Lee Henry Lilly wins by UD

L is now 6-2 overall 
Fight 6: L. R. Gomez (3-0) v. P. Gomes

Round 1: Not much here but LRG takes it

LRG landed clean, hard kicks 

Lights went out with 30 seconds to go

Round 2: Pretty evenly-matched round

LRG seemed to show his dominance 

LRG pushed & handled PG throughout

PG landed some great, clean kicks

Round 3: some good back & forth

PG landed some hard punches

LRG landed some strong kicks

LRG had a greater completion percentage 

My score: 30-27 LRG

Judges: Luis Raul Gomez by SD

Scores: 29-28 LRG, 30-27 LRG, 29-28 PG

LRG is now 4-0 overall 
Fight 7: Farrington (5-2) v. Ribeiro (7-3)

Round 1: BORING!

F threw punches, although none landed

Round 2: A little bit of hugging from R

I guess that’s enough to win the round?

Round 3: Zzzzzzzzzzz

F landed a handful of punches late

My score: 29-28 F

Judges: Rico Farrington wins by UD

Judges: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28

F is now 6-2 overall
Fight 8: D’Angelo (2-1) v. Baeza (3-0) welterweight: 170

Round 1: some back & forth

D was the aggressor, but B landed more

B’s shots were powerful 

Round 2: B landed hard shots again

After a flurry & no response, ref stopped it

Miguel Baeza wins by TKO @ 1:14

Baeza is now 4-0 overall
Fight 9: Sims (3-0) 265 v. Tate (4-3) 250

Round 1: both fighters exchanged punches 

Tate was getting the better of Sims

Sims found an opening & took it

Sims hurt Tate & Tate was in trouble

Sims hit Tate ten times without a response

Everett Sims wins by TKO @ 3:44

Sims is now 4-0 overall 
Fight 10: Delgado v. Garner

Round 1: G took D down immediately 

Garner wins by tapout @ 49 seconds

Garner is now 17-10 overall

On behalf of TFN, I would like to thank Karla Davis and Fight Time Promotions for their hospitality and a great event. We’ll see you at the next one!

Mike Feinberg TFN Reporter 

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