Fallon to Impress By Matthew Benoliel

Fallon to Impress
By Matthew Benoliel (The Fighting News Reporter)
fallex fox walk in

In a March 5th interview for Outsports.com, Fallon Fox  compared her early dominance in MMA to Judo Bronze medalist and UFC  Superstar “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey.   “This dominance is  pretty common for someone who’s an elite level fighter with great  technique,” she told reporter Cyd Zeigler.  Unfortunately, the  Fox we saw in CFA 11 did not live up to her own delusion.

The Fox we saw was flat-footed, punch-shy, quickly winded, and just  plain unimpressive.  Her leg kicks were strong and landed solidly  on her opponent Allanah Jones’ thigh, but they were not delivered  with much commitment or follow through.  In short, she appeared  amateurish and hesitant throughout the fight.

As expected, Fox man-handled Jones with ease, pushing her down and  knocking her off balance and I was reminded of the Joey Buttafouco vs.  Chyna celebrity boxing match.  Fallon’s finishing move-a knee  to the throat that forced a tap-out, was as impressive as a schoolyard  bully beat-down of someone half their size.

During the match, the crowd reacted to Fox with disapproval.   Chants of “woman-beater,” “woman-hater,” and “stop the abuse”  could be heard throughout the Bank Atlantic Center.  Clearly, we  know where the fight fans stand here.

Up next for Fox is a $20,000 purse against an equally unimpressive  fighter, Ashlee-Evans Smith, who probably holds the record for the quickest  loss in womens MMA history after being knocked out in five seconds of  the first round of her fight against Veronica Rothenhausler.    Should be easy money for Fox.

The big question is, where does Fox go from there?  At thirty-six  years of age, with only five years of training behind her, the reign  of the Queen of Swords seems hopelessly limited.  Any advantage  she has due to strength will simply not hold up to the experience, training  and fortitude of a real “elite” fighter like Ronda Rousey.





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