Fallon Down: The Queen of Swords No More

Fallon Down: The Queen of Swords No More
By Matthew Benoliel (The Fighting News Reporter)

Last night Fallon Fox once again entered the Championship Fighting Alliance Octagon with $20,000 on the line. Fox, the controversial trans-gender fighter from Toledo, Ohio was coming in with a record of 3-0, with past victories from TKO, KO and submission. Her opponent, Ashlee Evans-Smith, brings an impressive wrestling background including competing with the guys on her high school wrestling team and then becoming a 4-Time All-American in college.

The fight was intense from the opening. Fox came out strong looking to pull guard but Evans-Smith landed a barrage of punches that stunned Fox. Evans-Smith showed her superior grappling skills and took Fallon’s back, looking for a choke but was denied. Fox then came back with some vicious punches of her own and Evans-Smith was in trouble. She managed to evade Fox until the round’s end.

The second round belonged to Evans-Smith who controlled Fox on the ground, landing knees from side control and landing punches at every opportunity. The round ended with controversy with Evans-Smith striking from the mounted position through the final bell. The referee didn’t hear the bell, and instead motioned for a stoppage. The judges intervened and the fight continued to round three.

Round three was again dominated by Evans-Smith and the referee called a stop to the fight after another punishing ground and pound from the mount.

The question still remains; do male-female trans-gender fighters have an advantage over born women? Although Fox suffered a loss last night, it was clear that she had a strength and power advantage in her punches, which she also displayed in her last fight covered by this reporter. However, any advantage Fox may have had on her feet was negated on the ground by the skill and determination of her opponent. Now, if Fallon Fox were ten years younger, which would put her at the same age as Evans-Smith, and perhaps began training earlier in life, we may have seen a very different fight.

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