Deontay Wilder Successfully Defends Title

Deontay Wilder Successfully Defends Title
By Matt Benoliel

September 27th, 2015

The Bronze Bomber successfully defended his WBC Heavyweight Title against Johan Duhaupus last night when referee Jack Reiss stopped the contest in the eleventh round.

If you didn’t see the fight, you missed a good one. With a rock-solid chin, Johan Duhaupus continued to press Wilder despite eating a huge amount of right hands from the champ and a nose full of blood from the early rounds. From time to time, Duhaupus would throw a stiff jab and rock Wilder’ head backwards, but in the end, the Frenchman simply could not match the volume of punches thrown by Wilder. And Wilder threw a lot. Reminiscent of a middleweight, Wilder threw hooks from angles and devastating uppercuts that we have not seen from him in the past.

But while his speed and ability to throw at volume are his strengths, Deontay still manages to show some gaping holes in his defense that could get him into a lot of trouble when he gets in the ring with a fighter like Povetkin or Klitschko. Duhaupus managed to sneak a few rights around the champ’s guard that led to some bad swelling above the left eye, opening up the possibility of a stoppage had Duhaupus only managed to land a few more.

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