A Sad and Happy day

Today was a sad – happy day for The Fighting News.  Hearing miserable news that Dan Goossen  (Boxing Promoter) had passed away at the age of 64 to liver cancer made me feel  depressed. It is a big loss to the boxing community, our hearts go out to his family and he will be missed.  I have had contact with him on numerous occasions and he was a great guy.


The happy part of my day was when I heard that Charles Rosa is finally going to get his dream come true and fight for the UFC.  His impressive 9-0 professional win streak is what got him the call. Saturday October 4th in Stockholm, Sweden.   UFC needed him to fill in against the 145 pound Featherweight Dennis Silver (German Kickboxer).  Rosa’s picture isn’t up on the UFC website yet,  but the world will soon know who this Boston native is.

Rosa Nation – IT’S ON

rosa 58 4       charles rosa 1

 TheFightingNews.com wishes you Godspeed my friend.

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